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I Am Lean teaches small businesses, specifically daycare owners how to free up 85% of the time they spend on business operations. This time can then be used to pursue other passions such as writing books, expanding other businesses, starting a women’s ministry, or simply spending time with family.

This task is completed with the incorporation of standardized process in three areas of the business: Operating procedures, training of staff, and management systems.

The daycare industry has lost over 100,000 workers since the start of the pandemic and over 16,000 daycares have been forced to close down. These statics are heartbreaking, especially because I Am Lean has vital information that can prevent daycares from ever having to experience this type of scenario.

Tamara Keeler, President and owner of I Am Lean LLC is a Minneapolis resident with a heart for helping small business owners improve their operations.

Tamara has a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from the University of Minnesota with over 20 years of engineering and process improvement experience in local corporations. But in 2021 she learned valuable lessons that don’t come with a degree or certificate.

It was during these times of hardship that Tamara learned Jeremiah 17:5, do not put your trust in anything but God else you bring a curse on yourself. It was this verse the kept her when her unemployment ran out and the bank called her to sell her home. She wrote the book from Cursed to Blessed to show everyone that regardless of the circumstance you can be successful!

She applied her skillset to begin helping small businesses in her neighborhood while her health and family were simultaneously being cared for. After completing several successful projects with local business owners, Tamara felt the strong need to focus on one type of small business: daycares.

Daycare owners are highly encouraged to book a call with us for assessing the current state of their management system and to create a customized plan for their success!